3.2- Dorito Ad

1.Describe in detail how the business implemented the four P’s to add value and/or promote the product or service. 

Product: Dorito’s Blaze Tortilla Chips.

Price: $3 to $5 a bag.

Place: Any supermarket, convenience store, or place that sells snacks.

Promotion: In the super bowl ad, a well known dwarf actor is seen eating a “blaze” Doritos chip. The fireplace behind him amplifies, and the room starts to engulf in flames as he “spits fire.” A slang term for intense rapping. The ad uses humor and well known lyrics to the song “look at me now,” to draw a market. The purpose behind the fire and the rapping is basically Doritos’s claiming that their new chip, “blaze,” is very spicy.

2. Describe the target market (ie. what segments are being targeted)?  How do you know this is the target market? Did the company make good decisions to reach the target market?

The target market of this commercial is Generation-X, and Millenials, and young teenagers. Using a popular song known by most young and middle-aged Americans appeals to these generations, as well as the usage of “spitting fire,” a slang for rapping. This is the targeted market because these generations are typically the ones who are into spicy foods, trying new things, and of course, Doritos. Doritos did a fantastic job advertising the new chip because it is so unconventional. It doesn’t seem like a Doritos ad until the very end when the bag of chips appears on screen, and the narrator challenges viewers to “taste the fire.”

3. Does it work? Why or why not? Any general observations?

The ad is dramatic, humorous, and audacious. I think that it could have worked better if they focused more on the product rather than just rapping a song. However, it all ties together in the end when the narrator and main character challenges viewers to try the new chips. The target market is known for trying new and spicy things, so overall, the ad was successful.

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