A brief testimony about me: I grew up in the church, and my parents are both pastors. They are also both alumni from North central University, which led me to go this college. Being in a sheltered environment most of my life, it is  bit of shock being out on my own in the city, but it’s good, and I’m very excited for what the future holds.

About me: I’m a freshman student at North Central University. I work as a security officer for the school, have a wonderful girlfriend, and I’m extremely passionate about fitness and power lifting.

About my future: I’m hoping to use my business training to open my own gym further down the road, as well as receiving technical training and becoming a law enforcement officer.

What I anticipate from this class: This class scares me. I am very nervous about the big project with Liberte, but am confident that our team can do well, and receive valuable exposure to the real marketing world.